Tuscany Honeymoon

A castle where dreams come true

Castello Bonaria SPA Resort
For Your Fairy Tale Honeymoon

Not far from the Etruscan Coast in Italy, hidden among the long-standing olive trees and prolific vineyards of the Tuscan hills, Castello Bonaria provides you with an exclusive, one-of-a-kind setting for your honeymoon. An enchanted and unforgettable location, breathtaking natural landscapes nestled between the Tuscany Coast and its countryside: this will be the perfect backdrop for your sweetest memories.

Tuscany Honeymoon - Castello Bonaria Luxury SPA Resort

A castle where dreams come true

The nineteenth-century castle, the mighty towers rising toward the sky and reflecting in the water of the swimming pool, the marble steps of the stately staircase: Castello Bonaria embodies the deep but vigorous soul of the Tuscan people.

As an ideal location for a honeymoon, it highlights a magical, romantic scenery, and welcomes anyone wishing to share their most precious moments with their loved ones. The Castle bursts with the elegance of an exclusive resort, equipped with a wellness center and a top-notch restaurant and, at the same time, it embraces you with the straightforward confidence of a long-time friend.

Honeymoon: happy traveling

If you have made up your mind to spend your honeymoon in Italy, on the Tuscany Coast, then you have also chosen to experience the unique charm these places radiate through their history, artworks and folklore. Castello Bonaria is not only a peaceful spot where you can enjoy the first moments of your life as a newlywed, but also the ideal starting point to discover the beauty of medieval towns and the never-ending beaches of the Etruscan Coast. Our highly experienced and well-trained staff will help you plan every detail of your trip, giving you the chance to relax and choose the memories you want to take back home.

Tuscany Wedding Location - Castello Bonaria
Tuscany Honeymoon - Castello Bonaria

Legends, spells and enchantments

Land of fairies and spells, the Etruscan Coast makes an appearance in a popular tale featuring two young lovers. A young man was walking along the cliff, looking for flowers to give to his sweetheart, when a group of fairies suddenly kidnapped him. His beloved desperately searched the whole area for him again and again but all to no avail. As she was crying her heart out on the cliff by the seashore, a dolphin, touched by the unbearable pain of the young woman, turned one of her tears into a pearl. The girl gave this pearl to the fairies and managed to rescue the young man. The cliff, fittingly named “Buca delle Fate”, is but one of the fascinating and magical places you can easily find along the Etruscan Coast.

History, art and craftsmanship in the medieval towns

All around Castello Bonaria lie ancient medieval towns, scattered on the hills like small jewels or rather like portals that can let you travel back in time. As you walk on the smooth cobblestones of the alleyways, you will come across artisan workshops where time has seemingly frozen and chance upon small windows carved inside the mighty defense walls once used by archers. Sweetly scented geraniums now decorate the windows through which you can look at the faraway landscape.

Footprints on the beach

If you simply wish to enjoy relaxing walks on the golden sand of the Etruscan Coast with your loved one, you can easily reach the sea from Castello Bonaria. A long walk, surrounded by the sweet and spicy fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub and the smell of the sea: as you walk hand in hand on the Etruscan coast, you can look back and see the footprints you left on the beach, together.

Castello Bonaria - Via di Venturina 17 - 57021 Campiglia Marittima (LI) - P.IVA IT01930440498



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