Country Chic Wedding Venue

in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

Castello Bonaria SPA Resort

“Refined people built the Tuscan countryside as a work of art”, said Henri Desplanques, a well-known French geographer.
An exclusive country chic wedding held in a stunning venue, surrounded by nature, in the most famous countryside in the world.
Castello Bonaria is the ideal place to exchange your promises as if you were inside a work of art. The resort stands on a charming spot, between hills and sea, surrounded by vineyards and centuries-old olive trees. A resort built forged from a nineteenth-century manor, merging its sophisticated glamour with the bewitching charm of its natural surroundings.

Luxury Resort Toscana Costa degli Etruschi - Castello Bonaria

Getting married in the Tuscan countryside

The very first thing you need to hold a marvelous country chic wedding in Tuscany is the perfect location.
Imagine the nineteenth-century castle, standing out against the deep blue sky with its four crenellated towers and its majestic marble staircase leading to the panoramic terrace.
Imagine the water of the swimming pool, reflecting the light of the torches at sunset and the cheerful toasts raised upwards to the heavens, as you lay back and relax on the cozy loungers.
Imagine the comfortable wellness center where you can make yourself at home and regenerate your body and your soul.
Imagine the surrounding landscape: olive groves and vineyards grown throughout the ages, fragrant pine forests enshrouding paths deeply hidden inside the Mediterranean scrub, and the endless stretch of golden sand along the turquoise seawater.
At last, imagine your ceremony: intimate or with friends and family, in the country style you love – the perfect balance between rustic and refined.

A striking background for your “I do”

Castello Bonaria, perched on the hills of the fascinating Alta Maremma of Tuscany, is a dream location and the perfect setting for your wedding. Atop the same hills representative of the Tuscan landscape, its position allows you to plan your wedding day surrounded by the lovely, understated elegance and simplicity of the natural countryside, but with the exquisite refinement of details that will make it unforgettable. You can choose the most harmonious and glamorous setting, with the certainty that we will take care of every single detail to ensure that it will only belong to you and to the other half of your sky. Linked to the territory and its colors, the country chic style is the embodiment of roots and authenticity that will permeate your wedding day at Castello Bonaria.

An authentic ceremony

The Castello Bonaria resort will provide you with a wide range of decorations to choose from, featuring warm colors and refined details that will brighten your special day. Everything will be spontaneous, welcoming, and elegant, in the perfect style of a country chic wedding.
On the estate, there is a private chapel built in the traditional Tuscan style. Small and intimate, it can host the ceremony, either civil or religious, thus becoming the foundation of the first day of your new life.

Tuscany Wedding Venue - Castello Bonaria
Tuscany Wedding Location - Castello Bonaria

The ancient hospitality of the wedding banquet

The Tuscan countryside is a perfect blend of pragmatic realism from the Middle Ages and luxurious refinement from the Renaissance. A country chic wedding lunch at Castello Bonaria sparkles with emotions and sensations. The Chefs and their Staff will create for you mesmerizing dishes, culinary delights that incorporate the ancient sense of hospitality of the ancient courts. A menu of local products and traditional recipes accompanied by wines from the estate, with a flavor illuminated by the scents of this region.

Extending the joy of being together

A wedding ceremony is a happy time.
New scenarios, new responsibilities, new happiness.
You should try to take full advantage of your time by extending your stay at Castello Bonaria for you, your groom or your bride, and your loved ones.
“Country chic” not only concerns the ceremony; it is also a way of expressing yourself, making the most of your time, and choosing your future life path: natural and simple, yet elegant.

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