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Castello Bonaria SPA Resort

Tuscany villas for rent are one of the must-haves of elite tourism in a place like Italy, where history, culture and beauty go hand in hand and they are the foundation for any vacation proposal aimed at anyone who wishes to visit our peninsula and get to know all its fascinating peculiarities.

Villa for rent in tuscany

The architecture of the Tuscan villas

Over the centuries, architecture in Italy has gone through alternating periods of striking visual emphasis and perfect balance. The very history of our country has ushered the projects of houses and villas along a path of constant change and innovation, mirroring the cultural imprint of their corresponding time. You can easily tell apart the different time periods from their distinctive architectural features but you can also notice how the search for elegance and sophistication are deep-rooted characteristics of this area.

Tuscany villas for rent

Castello Bonaria does not stray from this constructional point of view and exhibits the typical nineteenth-century Tuscan architectural style. Completely renovated according to a project aimed at keeping intact and improving its most unique features, this exclusive resort was once the hunting lodge of a wealthy landowner, who built the palace in the 19th century. The renovation retained the original style of the castle while enhancing its towers’ overbearing power, tempered by the refined sophistication of the common areas and guest rooms.
In Italy, and most notably in the region of Tuscany called Alta Maremma, amongst the most sought-after Tuscany villas for rent, you can also find a SPA Resort like Castello Bonaria that can provide you with an exclusive stay in a breathtaking location, admired worldwide for both its cultural and its naturalistic offer.

A journey through time: from the past to the present

At Castello Bonaria you can enjoy spending some time for yourself, regenerating both body and soul. Inside the resort, a top-notch SPA provides the most specialized and innovative treatments, while the surrounding park draws you to take long, invigorating walks.
The swimming pool with an open view on the mesmerizing hills that wear away in the distance toward the lively Etruscan Coast and the restaurant terrace where you can appreciate the local products and the famous wines of the region are only some of the highlights of the resort. In fact, the entire area is crowded with a plethora of wonderful landscapes and charming points of interest all around the castle.

Explore the surroundings

Natural and theme parks will welcome you with open arms, giving you the rare chance to explore the wild and unspoiled beauty of a land blessed by Nature. You can discover and explore ancient medieval towns that still preserve all the unique characteristics of their time. Within each town, as you walk along the stone paths colored by the red of the geraniums and the blue of the hydrangeas, as you bask in the shadow of those same ancient walls that once used to isolate the town from its surroundings, you can quickly lose yourself in a journey back through time.

A symbolic journey, since you depart and arrive in the present: hills, countryside, sea, relax and discovery, history and gastronomy. Only a handful of places on Earth can exhibit such a wide range of proposals and opportunities, where every single detail is of the highest standard.
You started to plan your journey through Italy by looking for Tuscany villas for rent; now, your real journey can begin: Castello Bonaria is waiting for you, along with everything it can offer you.

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Castello Bonaria - Via di Venturina 17 - 57021 Campiglia Marittima (LI) - P.IVA IT01930440498



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