Intimate wedding in Tuscany

A dream location for your most beautiful day

Wedding Location in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

Intimacy and privacy: words that hint at a private atmosphere, a time to spend in the company of those who are dearest to us in a fairy-tale location, “far from the madding crowd”. 

If you wish for an intimate wedding, for a ceremony where only you and your special someone are right at the center of the stage, believe in your dream and plan your wedding in Tuscany, against the backdrop of the green countryside and the deep-blue sea.

Intimate wedding in Tuscany

Looking for tranquility

Castello Bonaria is an ancient manor once used as a hunting lodge by a noble family of the area. Located on the edge of the Maremma hills, dotted with the most famous and fascinating medieval towns that gave birth to prominent figures such as Dante, Leonardo and Michelangelo, it welcomes spouses wishing to celebrate their union at peace with themselves and the world. Here, tradition and modernity blend in a symbolic embrace of different atmospheres.

Planning a wedding ceremony

Planning a wedding ceremony requires time and attention to detail; at Castello Bonaria, you will find everything you need to organize the happiest day of your life in the best possible way. From the English-style garden surrounding the castle to the terrace with a panoramic view over the charming Tuscan countryside, from the welcoming and joyful swimming pool to the restaurant featuring a typical and refined cuisine, all the areas of the castle will become a stylish and majestic frame for your unique party.
Both before and after the event, you will get a chance to wind down and relax, along with your dearest guests, in the SPA, where you can enjoy a number of treatments that will make you feel, in all respects, the main character of your personal fairy tale. However, Castello Bonaria has a special surprise in store for anyone who wants to experience a heartwarming intimacy.

Intimate wedding in Tuscany

Within the ancient walls of a Tuscan castle

In the nineteenth century, the Tuscan buildings owned by the families sitting on the highest steps of the social ladder often had a private chapel, embodiment of the family’s religious zeal and public demonstration of its high status. Castello Bonaria upholds this tradition and opens its small chapel to the future spouses in order to let them plan a religious ceremony in the name of intimacy and privacy. The candles, reflected on the ancient stones of the walls, will cast light upon you and your beloved as you exchange promises for your future life together while the colors and scents of the romantic countryside will envelop you in a tender embrace.

Tuscan landscape

Perhaps, you believe such a wedding ceremony only belongs to fairy tales and you are still afraid of the difficulties you may encounter while ironing out the details. However, holding such a wonderful wedding is not a mere flight of fancy. Make your dream come true: at Castello Bonaria you can make it happen exactly as you want.
The experienced and helpful staff will be right beside you to help you organize everything with complete peace of mind.
The charming magic of the Tuscan landscape and the intimate and exclusive atmosphere of Castello Bonaria will be the sweetest and most enchanting background to a ceremony bound to stay forever in your heart.

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