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The many features of Castello Bonaria’s wellness center

Castello Bonaria SPA Resort

Italy is known and admired the world over as the land of navigators, saints and heroes, and Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance, is the region that best represents Italian culture and art. However, that is merely one of the many reasons why you should plan a vacation in Tuscany. For example, you can enjoy unforgettable SPA Holidays in the wellness center of Castello Bonaria. SPA Holidays have a much broader scope than a short break from your everyday life: you will feel completely regenerated, both in body and in soul. Castello Bonaria allows you to enjoy reinvigorating SPA Holidays in Tuscany, the best way to get rid of the stress and exhaustion of a tough year, and to retrieve energy and enthusiasm.

SPA Holidays Italy Tuscany - Castello Bonaria

The many features of Castello Bonaria’s wellness center

Upon starting your journey inside the Bonaria’s SPA, you will feel overwhelmed with peaceful tranquility. The sweetly scented and cozy rooms safely welcome you with a pleasant warmth, while the experienced and friendly staff help you choose the emotions you wish to experience.

Our SPA suggests different paths, according to personal tastes and needs. You can soak in the hot tub, take a relaxing shower with the rain effect, detox in the sauna and the steam bath, and tone your body under the ice waterfall. You can also try Zero Body, the innovative deep relaxation technique in water. You will be able to feel absolute freedom: relieved from its weight and from any external stimuli, your body will be at ease, giving you a hint of what an astronaut feels in zero gravity. You can also improve your breathing through Halotherapy. Thanks to this peculiar treatment, already recommended by the Greek doctor Hippocrates, the salt room will allow you to relieve the symptoms of respiratory problems and dermatological diseases.

A SPA enshrouded in beauty

Spending your SPA Holidays in Italy, in Tuscany, more specifically at Castello Bonaria, opens a world of endless possibilities. Nature has blessed this land with wonderful scenery and you can combine your relaxing holiday with enthralling excursions amongst the green hills, throughout the lively coastal towns or the lovely medieval villages, quiet witnesses to a millenary history.

Castello Bonaria’s ideal geographical position allows you to blend different kinds of holidays together. Your path through the wellness center will recharge you with enthusiasm to explore the surrounding areas and discover their natural and artistic brilliance.

A SPA enshrouded in beauty
Tuscany Honeymoon - Castello Bonaria

A beauty-shaping SPA

On vacation — as a couple or along with your family — someone might wish to receive a specific, personal treatment.

Inside our SPA, you can allow our professionals to evaluate your skin’s health through an accurate dermatological analysis, in order to identify best treatment available and get professional advice on a personalized beauty routine.

SPA Holidays at Castello Bonaria have something that makes them unique.

If you wish for a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday, no worries, you can rely on the expert hands of our experienced masseurs. Whether you choose the decontracting massage, the soothing one for the face, the aromatic one for the body, the delicate mother to-be for future mothers or the one based on oriental and Ayurvedic techniques, you will recover the natural stability and balance between body and soul.

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