Symbolic Weddings in Tuscany

Beyond the limits often set by the traditional ceremony.

Choose the romantic countryside and the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany

First celebrated in the United States, it is carried out through a ceremony called blessing and it has quickly spread all over the world, with a preference for the most romantic and exclusive locations.

We are talking about the symbolic marriage, a celebration devoid of the legal value that characterizes the civil procedure as well as the spiritual context that identifies the religious ceremony, and yet greatly appreciated by a constantly increasing number of couples thanks to its endless possibilities

Wedding Anniversaries Italy Tuscany - Castello Bonaria

Getting married in Tuscany landscape

Italy is the quintessential romantic country and the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany, not to mention the warmth of its people, make the exchange of wedding vows particularly striking and unforgettable. The choice of the venue where you will hold a symbolic ceremony, whether you decide to combine it with either a bureaucratic or a religious rite, should only depend on your own tastes and preferences and, most importantly, your intimate dreams.

A nineteenth-century castle with bewitching gardens and a relaxing swimming pool

Cocooned within gardens of secular trees and enshrouded by the quiet beauty of ancient, medieval towns, Castello Bonaria provides its guests with the most suitable location for a symbolic ritual, blending of an exclusive resort and the intimacy of an enchanted spot against the background of the most romantic Italian countryside.

Symbolic Wedding in Tuscany

The ceremony of a symbolic wedding

The ceremony of a symbolic wedding is versatile and ever-changing by nature since it can embrace very different styles. It does not require a dedicated structure nor a specific officiant; it can take place under the timeworn branches of an olive tree, on the edge of the swimming pool, on the panoramic terrace where one’s gaze spans across the smooth silhouette of the soothing Tuscan landscape.
Therefore, getting married at Castello Bonaria goes beyond the limits often set by the traditional ceremony.
Featuring a wonderful location in the finest countryside of Tuscany and Italy along with its refined and exclusive hospitality, the castle will become a magical place where you can celebrate a brand new stage in your life.

A few ideas for a symbolic wedding at Castello Bonaria

A symbolic wedding lives and thrives on its own atmosphere.
The luscious gardens surrounding the castle, the swimming pool and the SPA are definitely ideal locations where you can host the exchange of your wedding vows. However, there are also many other fascinating areas nearby, such as the long, golden beaches of the Etruscan Coast and the well-hidden coves among the rocks, infused with the sweet fragrances of the typical Mediterranean scrub; the picturesque cypress-lined roads where every step can become a journey through history and the never-ending vineyards, representative of traditional Tuscan flavors.
Castello Bonaria welcomes you as it would an old friend and gives you the chance to celebrate your joyful union with your beloved partner through a symbolic and also evocative, spectacular and unforgettable ceremony.

Elopement Wedding in Tuscany - Castello Bonaria

Customize every single detail of your wedding

Castello Bonaria will be an extra friend who will walk right beside you, with regard and discretion, throughout the whole rite.
You can fully rely on the experienced and skilled Staff of Castello Bonaria in order to customize every single detail, from the location and the person who will give their blessing at the wedding, up to the decorations and the precious words you will read. The Staff will always be at your complete disposal, so that nothing will interfere with your unique, special day.

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