Wedding Anniversaries

Wedding anniversary in Tuscany

Castello Bonaria SPA Resort

Are you planning to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday along with friends and family in a dreamlike location, far from home and your everyday life?
The answer is right in front of you.
A unique region in Italy gives you the opportunity to organize an unforgettable party against the backdrop of a breathtaking landscape between mountains and sea: Tuscany. In this land blessed by Nature, Bonaria Castle welcomes you with its trademark warmth and hospitality, in order to jazz up the event you wish to celebrate.

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Wedding anniversary in Tuscany

“It is never being too old to hold hands.”
Wilferd A. Peterson has written this sentence in his book “The Art of Marriage”. Many people still read his wedding poems during ceremonies and anniversaries as a sign of auspicious blessing.
Whether it is the 15 years of the crystal wedding, the 20 of the porcelain one or the 25 of the silver wedding, it is always worthwhile to gather all your loved ones in one place to celebrate accordingly. More and more often, spouses love to renew their vows with their closest relatives and friends, with everyone reuniting once again to celebrate. You want to choose carefully the setting for such an intimate — and, at the same time, universal — party. A gorgeous stone castle, with its four mighty towers mirrored in the water of the swimming pool, nestled into a landscape that could have been painted by a Renaissance painter. In Italy, in the Tuscan Maremma, the ancient and the modern are wisely intertwined at Castello Bonaria, amongst fresh innovations and throwbacks to another era. The ideal location where you can invite all the people closest to you and renew your wedding vows, sharing your most intimate feelings through a cheerful meeting.

Celebrating your birthday in Tuscany

Each year in our lives is a milestone and we should celebrate every single birthday with a cheerful party full of joy. However, some birthdays are special as they mark an important milestone and a new start. Throughout humanity’s long and diverse history, people have always celebrated certain birthdays in a special way: 40, 50, 60 and so on. Spending this precious time together with your family, relatives and closest friends in a place like Castello Bonaria, in gracious Tuscany, gives the word celebration a brand new meaning. You can make arrangements for your — or someone else’s — birthday party as you spend a few days all together while visiting medieval villages, enjoying the refreshing SPA, walking on the hidden paths among the olive groves and admiring the bright colors of the sunset above the sea.

Tuscany Honeymoon - Castello Bonaria

When the long-awaited day of your exclusive party comes, you can enjoy the restaurant with the panoramic terrace and the mouth-watering menu featuring the elaborate but completely natural dishes of our Chefs and make a toast with the best local wines.
What else is missing?
The cake, the sparkling candles reflecting on the pool water and all the love of the people closest to your heart.
Choosing Bonaria Castle as the location for your birthday with friends and family is a gift that you can either give or receive.
In any case, it will forever be one of the most wonderful gifts.

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