Castello Bonaria SPA Resort

Corporate and Company Retreat Location

“I used to think that the whole was equal to the sum of its parts, until I started working with teams. Then, when I became a coach, I figured out that the whole is never equal to the sum of its parts. It can be greater, or less, depending on how its parts manage to work together.”

Chuck Noll, former coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, used those words to explain how cooperation is an essential quality for any team that wants to win.
Playing for the same team and working within the same group means sharing the same goals and working together in order to reach them.
Getting together for a group meeting — whether it involves sports or business — is one of the best and most productive ideas that can help you build your team.
If you choose to do this at an outstanding venue that provides you with the backdrop of the wonderful Tuscan landscape, then your meeting will be more effective than ever.

Location Eventi Toscana - Castello Bonaria

Castello Bonaria, elegant resort for business meetings

In order to build and enhance the relationships and the communication among members of a group of people who need to combine their efforts — not only by choice but also as work partners —the most efficient solution is to let them cooperate away from the office, with no obligations whatsoever.

Castello Bonaria provides the large and cozy meeting hall as one of the ideal locations to share ideas with fellow colleagues. However, the resort also offers many more opportunities, such as the e-bikes available for rental. You can go on a relaxing ride on the narrow paths spreading like a maze through the surrounding countryside, breathing in the regenerating air of Tuscany.

Welcoming hospitality for all kinds of business groups atop the Tuscan hills

A venue located in a strategic position, easily accessible by any means of transportation, close to the charming art cities of Tuscany and standing against a breathtaking natural panorama, where the hills slope down towards the Tyrrhenian Coast.

As they arrive to Castello Bonaria, the guests experience a warm welcome that makes them feel at home. Even the largest groups can receive personal attention, care, and kindness, turning any apparently unremarkable business meeting into a delightful stay with friends.

One more way to establish a pleasant bond with your fellow workers in order to create a friendly and fruitful relationship is sharing a meal together.
You can eat the healthy food prepared by our knowledgeable Chefs with keen creativity and steadfast passion.
You can raise your glasses to celebrate past and future achievements while savoring the exquisite wines of this unique land, blessed with bountiful olive groves and high quality grapes.

You can enjoy the exclusive tastings tailor-made for all our guests by expert sommeliers at Monte Solaio estate.
However, Castello Bonaria has one more distinctive feature that allows it to outshine other venues: its geographical location nestled amongst the hills, olive groves, and sea. A one of a kind venue standing tall on a land full of colors, scents, and positive feelings.

All these different experiences will leave an unforgettable memory in the very mind and heart of every meeting attendee.
It will be the starting point for a brand new journey together through work and life.

Team Building Degustazione - Castello Bonaria
Location Team Building Toscana - Castello Bonaria

Castello Bonaria - Via di Venturina 17 - 57021 Campiglia Marittima (LI) - P.IVA IT01930440498



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