The ceremony is intimate and confidential

Elopement Wedding

People used to think the wedding reception to be more important than the exchange of vows. However, things have recently changed, for self-evident health reasons on one side and because of generational differences. Young couples would rather choose an intimate and private marriage, in the company of their dearest friends and relatives.

Castello Bonaria and its private chapel

Castello Bonaria whole-heartedly supports this idea, opening the private church inside the resort structure to everyone who wants to “escape without looking back”. Enshrouded by a park of centuries-old olive groves and surrounded by vineyards, our resort is located on the hills of the Alta Maremma, between Campiglia Marittima and the Tyrrhenian Sea. We have recently renovated the 19th century hunting lodge once property of Carlo Boldrini, a rich and well-known landowner in the area, paying attention to preserve the rich history emblazoned all over its walls.

Elegance and tradition meet to welcome the couples who want to exchange the vows of a lifetime, providing them a choreography that brings to mind the Renaissance courts of Tuscany, along with the marble staircase that ideally connects the past to the present. The small church, a Tuscan-style chapel overlooking the olive trees garden, is a cozy, personal spot where you can exchange vows.

Planning an intimate wedding

While both share a similar goal, an elopement wedding and a traditional one differ considerably in their approaches, their times, and their priorities. When compared to a conventional ceremony, choosing the location is of the utmost importance: it accounts for at least the 70% of the whole process. If you live far from here, in another region or in another country altogether, you might think that planning your intimate wedding in our Castle would be cumbersome, but we can guarantee it will not. You will have at your disposal our Staff, who will help you in all the necessary tasks, acting as a trait d’union between you, the suppliers and the authorities, confidentially but efficiently.

An intimate but unforgettable lunch

Castello Bonaria has chosen to dedicate the morning hours to intimate ceremonies. We made this decision to allow the newlyweds to enjoy the full light of day, as they get comfortable inside our restaurant. Looking out from the huge windows, they will have a chance to enjoy the breathtaking Tuscany landscape: hills, vineyards, fruit trees and woods that follow one another in continuous, serene, green waves as they reach the sparkling and lively waves of the sea. From the intimacy of the ritual to the picturesque scenography enveloping the Castle, everything will combine to culminate in an unforgettable wedding. Tuscan cuisine is deep-rooted in tradition, featuring secret recipes handed down over the years, evocative of the sumptuous banquets of the Renaissance.

The chefs of Castello Bonaria deliver the local products inside traditional dishes, revised and renewed. At the unquestionable choice of the couple, they can also test themselves with different kinds of cuisine, national or international. Nevertheless, the wine list is extensive and interesting, not to mention the cellar of the Tenuta di Monte Solaio, with its robust and wild wines provided by the vineyards of the Val di Cornia.

Before and after the ceremony: the well-being of body and soul

The ceremony is intimate and confidential, but the spouses, about to embark on a new path in their existence, may still feel uneasy. Moreover, this feeling will linger in them after the rite, when the ending of the celebrations coincides with the beginning of their new life together. Nothing better than facing these moments in the Wellness Center, to regenerate the body and soul.
Together, of course.

getting married in Tuscany - Castello Bonaria

The mirrors of the Castle

The Castle has 19 rooms (16 double and 3 triple), providing you and your guests an exclusive sojourn. Every room is a small world on its own, reflected in the mirrors that enrich them. Each room, in fact, has a different mirror, a unique piece found in the workshop of a Florentine craftsman and restored to its splendor by careful renovation. You can look at yourself in the mirror inside the Moon Junior Suite, perfect for newlyweds, perhaps from inside the jacuzzi.

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