Getting Married in Tuscany

Why choose Tuscany for your wedding

Getting married in Tuscany Etruscan Coast

Tuscany is one of the most popular and loved regions of Italy all over the world thanks to its history, its art and because Nature graciously blessed its lands by giving them an exceptional variety of gorgeous landscapes. Rugged mountains, golden beaches and a countryside with sweet and round lines, resembling a painting by Leonardo: these landscapes welcome those who decide to fulfill their love story here.

Wedding Anniversaries Italy Tuscany - Castello Bonaria

Tuscany through history

The flow of time has molded these lands throughout the course of history. The Etruscan civilization was instrumental in creating and promoting the culture of Tuscia. The portrayals of their wedding ceremonies show us the remarkably modern signature these ancient people have forever etched on this territory. The grandiose and lush celebration, the guests and their opulent dresses paved the way for the current gatherings. The history of Tuscany keeps moving forward through the mysterious Middle Ages and their endless wedding banquets, the sophisticated Renaissance with feasts enkindled by music and poetry, up to the present day. When you get married in this land, you can feel the echo of all these ceremonies enveloping yours.

Why choose Tuscany for your wedding

Every couple wants their wedding day to be memorable.
Glancing upon this land, you will dream of Florence, with its squares and palaces mirrored in the waters of the Arno, the bridges and the hills surrounding it in an enwrapping embrace. You will ponder on the mysterious legends of the misty villages of Garfagnana and contemplate the vineyards that stretch out for miles, bathing under the Chianti sun. However, Florence and the other towns are not the only symbols of the breathtaking splendor of this region.

There is a whole territory to discover, from the hills of the upper Maremma to the Etruscan Coast, an area of verdant green hills gently sloping down toward the long, golden beaches of fine sand. Maremma is an awe-inspiring place; sweet and gentle on one side, sour and wild on the other. Choosing such a powerful and exciting location will forever engrave the memories of your wedding day into your heart.

Getting Married in Tuscany Etruscan Coast - Castello Bonaria

The ceremony at Castello Bonaria

In order to enjoy the charm of this land to its fullest, Castello Bonaria gives you a chance to revel in a magical atmosphere by offering a reception from the swimming pool to the park of centuries-old olive trees with the suggestive background of the towers.
The reception of the guests by the qualified and experienced staff, the gastronomic offer presented by top chefs and complemented by the excellent local wines of the Monte Solaio winery, and the flawless attention to detail will make the gathering unique and unforgettable. However, the one thing that will truly astound you is the setting, with the imposing and fascinating castle acting as a romantic stage for an unforgettable moment.
If you value privacy, the park features a small church, where you can celebrate an intimate ceremony, accompanied only by the closest people.

The panoramic restaurant of Castello Bonaria

Gazing upon the sloping hills and up to the distant glitter of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you can enjoy lunch in a room whose windows open onto the colors and scents of the Mediterranean maquis.

The kitchen of Castello Bonaria offers dishes that range through gastronomic proposals from every place, but we advise you to evaluate the excellence of Tuscan cuisine and of the Val di Cornia in particular.

Throughout the whole year, seasonal ingredients and zero-kilometer raw materials are the highlights, showing the mastery of local producers.
The extensive wine list, enhanced by the presence of wonderful local products, completes the careful selection of dishes and types of cooking.

getting married in Tuscany - Castello Bonaria

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