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“Donde termina el arco iris,
en tu alma o en el horizonte?
Where does the rainbow end,
in your soul or on the horizon?”

A great poet like Pablo Neruda once wondered where the rainbow ends. It is not an easy task to provide an answer to this longstanding question; however, Castello Bonaria, nested among the Tuscan hills, could act as the starting point of your personal rainbow. One day, perhaps, it will end inside a pot full of gold coins — as legend has it — but, first, it will draw a colorful path through the bright sky of your life.
Both marriages and civil unions are rainbows that spring from your family and closest friends and that is why you should celebrate it at a welcoming venue that can offer warmth and hospitality.

Location Unioni Civili in Toscana - Castello Bonaria

Wedding in Tuscany

A wedding in Tuscany brings out the inner soul of a region whose highlights are a dreamlike landscape, tasty food and wine, and warm hospitality.
Castello Bonaria can provide you with the ideal location and the most welcoming hospitality in order to celebrate your civil union or marriage in the company of your loved ones.
Resting atop the hills, surrounded by the greenery of olive groves and vineyards crisscrossed with a thick network of paths, not far from the Tyrrhenian coast, Castello Bonaria serves as a unique, little corner seemingly outside of time and space, where you can bring to life your own, personal rainbow.

Wedding Location

Quite often, choosing the location that will be the threshold of your brand new life feels like taking a leap of faith: a thousand doubts and a thousand uncertainties envelop your heart, as the thoughts wander away, evaluating all the small issues and difficulties that seem insurmountable.
Castello Bonaria is a magnificent, resort that offers you the opportunity to host a cheerful and friendly social event on the panoramic terrace and against the evocative backdrop of the colorful and peaceful Tuscan hills. The state-of-the-art SPA, featuring the latest, innovative treatments to regenerate body and soul, and the world-renowned restaurant, where the Chefs amaze with their passion and creative, original recipes made with local products, welcome the incoming guests with sincerity and kindness.

Location Unioni Civili in Toscana - Castello Bonaria
Location Unioni Civili in Toscana - Castello Bonaria

However, Castello Bonaria is so much more

It is a microcosm of people who let your rainbow light up the Tuscan sky with its brilliant colors on the day you celebrate your union with the other half of your personal universe.
Castello Bonaria offers the most captivating and fascinating hospitality for the most wonderful day of your lives. It is an ancient hunting lodge enriched with majestic crenelated towers and a spectacular staircase descending from the panoramic terrace toward the large swimming pool. Located on high ground, it provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding hillside panorama that gently slopes down in the direction of the sea and the Etruscan Coast.
A fabulously eye-catching stage where you can share your happiness with the whole world alongside the kind, friendly faces of family, friends, and guests; whether it is a traditional wedding or a modern civil union that finally fulfills your dream.

Castello Bonaria - Via di Venturina 17 - 57021 Campiglia Marittima (LI) - P.IVA IT01930440498



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