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Tuscany Etruscan Coast

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”.
This quote by Virginia Woolf could be the motto of Castello Bonaria, standing atop the hills of the Alta Maremma and staring out at the sea of the Etruscan Coast.
A nineteenth-century residence molded into a modern resort, skillfully renovated to blend traditional elegance and modern glam while preserving its original architectural and emotional traits.

Nestled in the heart of the Tuscany, enclosed by lush hills and the turquoise sea, we welcome our guests as they were old friends, fulfilling all their needs and wishes.
The elegant rooms are tastefully furnished with style and modernity. The details and niceties of traditional Tuscan artistry evokes a sense of wonderful intimacy and warmth; the reliable and trustworthy staff members will allow you to enjoy your stay thoroughly without any worries.
Your holiday at Castello Bonaria will become even more enjoyable and pleasant as you explore every nook and cranny of the nearby medieval towns; as you walk alongside the peaceful seashore looking for the most fascinating views; as you travel through history with rich exhibits and museums. When natural weariness takes over your body, you can regenerate yourself inside our wellness center, through a food and wine tour, the highlight of a land where food and wine exemplify the tight bond between man and natural territory.

Luxury Resort Toscana Costa degli Etruschi - Castello Bonaria

“Cooking is a love story. You need to fall in love with the ingredients and then with the people who cook them.”
Alain Ducasse

Spending your holidays at Castello Bonaria resembles living through a love story. You will fall in love with the locally produced dishes, featuring typical agricultural ingredients grown on an honest and cheerful land, just like the people who live there.
Tuscan cuisine is based on pasta, meat and desserts.
The first course incorporates the love for surprise, typical of Tuscany: the filled pasta, concealing a mysterious, tasty heart enhanced by a secret cocktail of spices. On one hand, the second course, traditionally made of meat, reminds us of the triumphal medieval feasts; on the other hand, the fish and seafood freshly caught off the nearby coast is served with delicious recipes.
The Bonaria Castle Restaurant does not give vegetarians the cold shoulder: the vegetables from our garden, which depend on the seasons and the rhythms of the countryside, are introduced through tantalizing recipes, both traditional and innovative in nature.
The dessert is a moment of real sensory enjoyment: cakes, biscuits, sweets, crunchy or soft, smooth or creamy, simple or elaborate, but always tasty and pleasant, just like our land.

“…I believe that a lot of happiness goes to the men who are born where good wines are found…”
Leonardo da Vinci

Art, history, culture, breathtaking landscapes, appetizing dishes – all undeniable assets that make Tuscany wonderful and unique, but this land is also rich in wineries and vineyards.
Our grapevines grow on the slopes of the hills, where the air masses coming in from the North flow through the peaks of the Apennines, before being mitigated by the proximity of the sea.
The mild climate and the fertile and nutrient-rich soil spawn vines whose history dates back to the ancient Greeks, who first introduced the plants into the territory, and to the Etruscans, who would then mass-produce them. The countless shipwrecks in the area bear witness to the production of wine in these lands, since vessels used to carry terracotta amphorae filled with the precious liquid. The production continued to improve and developed over the centuries, in order to obtain the most precious and unique wines in the world.
The Bonaria Castle Restaurant offers an excellent wine list. Of course, the wines from the private estate of Monte Solaio outshine all the others. They are robust, fragrant and wild wines, born in a rugged and romantic land, perfect companions to the flavorsome traditional dishes.

Offerte Hotel di Lusso in Toscana - Castello Bonaria

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